Dedicated Servers and Colocation

Singapore Data Center & Managed Hosting Services

At Webvisions, we not only offer a complete suite of shared hosting services [] but we will be able to provide a higher level of dedicated hosting and reliable solutions with superior customer service experience at ICONZ-Webvisions. With our presence in Singapore and Malaysia we are a trusted partner of mid-tier enterprises.

Colocation with ICONZ-Webvisions

ICONZ-Webvisions provides 24x7 access and support onsite and also priority phone support when you locate your servers at any of our data centers saving you time and money, also providing you an added peace of mind. Colocating with ICONZ-Webvisions also means that you will be given extra flexibility on your server scalability, reliable, secured and uninterrupted access to your server. With our experts providing all the support and assistant you need for the process end to end, you only need minimum effort to provide for your servers.

Colocation with ICONZ-Webvisions

  • Multiple upstream connections
  • 100 Mbps network connection
  • 24/7 access and support
  • 24/7 priority phone support

Dedicated Servers at ICONZ-Webvisions

ICONZ-Webvisions provides customisable Dedicated Servers in accordance to your required computing resources. We will provide the hardware, operating system and all the necessary you need to setup the network connectivity. These servers are also monitored round the clock, 24x7, by our professional technicians ensuring high uptime and full back up. What’s more, a dedicated Account Manager will be servicing you and your servers, providing you the secured and safe feeling.

Dedicated Servers with ICONZ-Webvisions

  • Servers are hosted in secure data centers with full back up.
  • Round the clock, 24x7, support, management and monitoring of your servers.
  • ICONZ-Webvisions Managed Security and Backup Services.
  • Reliable network connectivity ensures high availability, eliminating costly service interruptions.
  • Dedicated account management and technical support teams.

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