Business continuity and data loss prevention

Your email communication is critical to running your business, businesses of all sizes need to make sure the email protection they have in place is adequate to avoid costly loss of data or downtime and that’s why Webvisions is now offering a scalable, easy to implement, and affordable advanced Mailbox Protection application to help you protect both inbound and outbound emails from Spam, Viruses and Phishing emails.

  • Easy (no setup)

    Mailbox Protection is cloud based and runs directly from the Webvisions data centre which means there is no need for you to install any software. You can activate Mailbox Protection from your account and it will work irrespective of the email client you use such as Microsoft Outlook etc.

  • Reliable (never lose a good email)

    With 99.98% filter accuracy Mailbox Protection will block spam and emails containing virus or malware as well as filtering outgoing mail which means you will not run the risk to have your important messages blocked. A false-positive rate of 0.0001% means you will never lose a good email.

  • Affordable (less than a cup of coffee)

    Mailbox Protection runs with your web or email hosting account at Webvisions which means that for less than the cost of a cup of coffee you can rest assured that your business mailbox is safe and your messages will always be delivered to your recipients. Activate Mailbox Protection for your existing web email plan today and only pay for what you use. (Charges are pro-rated according to the days left in email/hosting plan.)

  • Anti-spam
  • Anti-phishing
  • Anti-spyware
  • Anti-Virus
  • Inbound & outbound filter
  • Spam quarantine logs

Am I at risk of a Spam attack?

All email users stand a certain risk of receiving spam mail and are victims of spam attacks at some point in time. Most at risk are businesses who have a presence online or have their email addresses published on the internet. (used mainly to register for forums, newsgroups or casual websites.)

Should I get mailbox protection?

We highly recommend all Webvisions customers to purchase our enhanced mailbox protection to reduce the chances of getting their email account being indirectly hacked.

Hackers usually gain access to your account by providing customers with a link to a website through a spam email disguised as a credible email sender. That link when clicked will trigger a virus download though a website which might cause damage to your computer.


You can add Mailbox Protection to any of your Webvisions Web or Email Hosting plans. Whichever you choose, Mailbox Protection will cover all email addresses within your account.


Your Web or Email Hosting Plan STARTER GROWTH ADVANCED
MAILBOX PROTECTION (Yearly) RM 128 RM 185 RM 299
equivalent monthly cost RM 10.67 RM 15.42 RM 24.92

For VPS hosting customer please contact us for pricing.

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