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phpList brings you continuously monitored deliverable and bounce processing, including automatic spam processing.You get open, click and forward statistic and compare across campaigns.


Each phpList installation is self-contained and secure. By utilising the inbuilt link tracking, you own and control your data. You can communicate with phpList using OpenPGP/GPG encrypted email.


phpList is designed to help you grow lists of engaged subscribers. Message queue ensures that no subscriber receives the same campaign twice, even if they're subscribed to several lists.

Feature rich

Create beautiful HTML campaigns using a web interface. Send attachments, upload images and send a webpage. Schedule your campaigns to start-and-stop and set your timezone.


About phpList

phpList is great for newsletters, publicity lists, notifications, and many other uses. phpList come with a powerful set of features, segmentation, personalization, open and click metrics, throttling and an API. phpList is free to download, install and use, and is easy to integrate with any website.

phpList is being downloaded over 10,000 times a month, which makes it one of the most popular open source email campaign managers on the web. By choosing phpList, you can rely on the active phpList community, online chatrooms and forums.

For secure and reliable phpList hosting, look no further than Webvisions for all your web hosting related needs. Our web hosting plan will be preloaded with a fully configured installation of phpList. Read the phpList user manual here to give you a basic overview of how it works.

phplist- statistic overview Statistic Overview
phplist- Subscriber Lists Subscriber Lists
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