About Us

Need an affordable but world class website? Require reliable email services? Looking for a One Stop Shop for all your hosting needs? In search for a service provider who is able to provide answers to your queries anytime anywhere? Then look no further because this is what we do.

Webvisions offers:

Domain name registration: Once you have chosen your website name (mycompany.com, for example), we will register this web address for you.

Email hosting: Use your domain name to set up personalized email accounts (me@mycompany.com) for a more professional look.

Website Hosting: This service allows you to establish your online presence by making your website visible on the Internet.

SSL Certificates: This service provides peace of mind to your customers by securing your website so that they not only trust your website but also feel a sense of protection when visiting your site.

Webvisions offers a full suite of services that caters to all your online business needs to give you an edge over your competition.

Do you want to know more about us? Read on……

Webvisions, founded in 1996 in Singapore, provided web and email hosting, domains, dedicated server, colocation and managed services to small and mid-size businesses in Asia. In 2006, Caledonian International, a privately held New Zealand Company, became the majority shareholder of Webvisions.

In 2012, Caledonian International merged Webvisions and ICONZ, an established ISP and Cloud service provider in New Zealand, to focus on the Advanced Hosting part of the business which includes cloud hosting, dedicated servers, colocation and managed service. On 31st October 2012, Webvisions changed its company name from Webvisions to ICONZ-Webvisions. On 1st February 2017, Webvisions was acquired by Vodien. For more information, please visit Vodien for more information.

The Shared Hosting business which includes domains, email and web hosting remains under the Webvisions brand.

Webvisions is the FIRST hosting provider to be ISO certified for its data centre management and policies so you can be assured of receiving high quality standards.

We own our data centres. The services you host with us are housed in a secure environment, managed and monitored by Webvisions team.

We take security very seriously. Spam, viruses and hackers are genuine threats. We constantly update and harden our servers and network systems to prevent any unexpected attacks.

Let us be your trusted advisor to help you build a successful online journey because we have been through the same journey.