DNS Hosting FAQ's - Change nameservers

How do I change the nameservers of my domain name?

You can change the nameservers by logging into your Account Management panel.

- Select the ‘Domain Name Server’ field and click on ‘Show/Modify The Domain Name Server Settings’.

- When the pull-down information appears, select ‘Modify’.

Are 3rd level domains available (anyname.mydomain.com)?

Yes and creating one is FREE! You will just have to add the 3rd level domain to your zone records and point it to your hosting account. For example, if you want to use a 3rd level domain name for the purpose of having a forum, you can create: forum.mydomain.com.

To create this 3rd level domain name, you will just have to add the following into your DNS zone file:

- DNS record (i.e. forum.mydomain.com)

- IP Address (IP address of hosting service)