Domain Names FAQ's - Renew

What happens if I renew my domain name late?

When a domain name is not renewed before it expires, it will enter an ‘Expired’ state. The domain name remains this way for a ‘renewal grace period’, depending on the domain registry. In this state, changes cannot be made to the domain name and hosting services associated to the domain name will not work. There is no penalty for renewing your domain name while it is expired.

After that, the domain name will enter a ‘Deleted’ state, where it is undergoing the process of deletion. The domain name remains this way for a ‘redemption grace period’. Like an expired domain name, changes cannot be made to it and all hosting services will not work. A penalty is incurred if you choose to renew the domain name at this state. The cost of the penalty will be automatically reflected when you are renewing a domain name in the ‘Deleted’ state.

After this state, the domain name is made available to the public for registration.

Domain Name gTLDs .SG .AU .NZ .MY .HK
Renewal Grace Period 30 30 30 30 30 29
Redemption Grace Period 30 30 0 0 14 60

I do not wish to use my domain name any longer. Do I have to do anything to it?

You may send a request to Alternatively, you may allow the domain name to expire in due time, after which, it will be deleted.

Can I delete my registered domain name prematurely?

Yes, you can. Please contact

Does the Webvisions domain registration include DNS Hosting?

Domain names registered with or transferred to Webvisions comes with DNS Hosting service. DNS Hosting allows the owner of the domain to control the DNS zone file by adding, removing or modifying DNS records in the zone file.