Domain Names FAQ's - Transfer

Can I transfer an externally registered domain name to Webvision's domain registration service?

Yes and you can do so at no additional fee for the transfer process. You will have to renew the domain name with Webvisions for at least 1 year.

Follow the steps below:

Search your domain name at the transfer domain tab and make the payment.

Enter the EPP/UDAI authorization code. The transfer process will only begin when the correct EPP/UDAI code is provided.

Upon your acceptance of the transfer request which will be sent to you, it will take approximately 14 business days to complete the transfer process.

Important Note:

To transfer your domain name to Webvisions, submit your transfer request at least 14 days before your domain name expires at its current registrar.

Do note that the transfer process cannot be initiated if the domain name expires.

First unlock your domain name with the existing registrar. An EPP authorization code will be issued as well. The EPP authorization code must be submitted to Webvisions when the transfer request is made. Do note that Webvisions does not guarantee the success of the transfer due to the various 3rd party approvals required.

How do I retrieve the transfer code (i.e. EPP code) for my domain name?

If you would like to obtain the transfer code for your domain name that is registered with Webvisions, you can request for it via the Account Management panel. After you log in, click ‘Request EPP code’ from the domain management tab. The transfer code will be sent via email to the registered Owner of the domain name.

Will there be any downtime in transferring my domain name registration to Webvisions?

The availability of the domain name should not be affected during the transfer process. It should remain active and all hosting services tied to it will not be affected under normal circumstances.

However, Webvisions cannot guarantee that downtime will not occur due to the following possible reasons:

  • Transfer Process Interrupted – Downtime may occur if the domain name transfer process itself is interrupted. This is because the transfer process involves other stakeholders such as the registry or a third-party registrar. Despite an initiated transfer request from Webvisions, a rejection of the request from other stakeholders may affect the success of the transfer.
  • Expired Domain Name – The possibility of downtime may be attributed to an expiring domain name. As long as the transfer process is initiated before the domain name expires, Webvisions will auto-renew the domain name when it reaches the expiration date.
  • Incorrect Nameservers – Downtime may also be the result of untimely management of the nameservers. If the hosting service of the domain name is changed, it is advisable that the nameservers of the domain name be changed to that of the new hosting service provider before the registrar transfer process commences. This is because no changes can be made to the domain name, including the nameservers during the transfer process.

Can I change the nameservers of my domain name after transferring to Webvisions?

Yes. Once the domain is transferred, you may wish to change the nameservers of your domain name to those of Webvisions if you intend to control the DNS records of the domain name from the Webvisions control panel. If you do change your nameservers, it will take up to 24 hours for the change to take place.