Webvisions Hosting FAQ's - Email Hosting

What is an email hosting plan?

Email hosting is a hosting service that allows individuals and businesses to create, send and receive emails with the use of an unique domain name.


  • emailuser@mydomain.com
  • enquiries@mycompany.com
  • info@myorganization.com

How many email accounts will I get?

The number of email accounts that you are entitled to depends on which of the email plans that you subscribe to. You can find out more by accessing the Email tab in the main menu.

Can I forward emails to a centralized email account for tracking/ backup purposes?

Yes, you can forward emails to a centralized email account with the Email Forwarding service.

How secure are my emails with the Webvisions email hosting services?

Yes, Webvisions email infrastructure is built on a secure platform and all email users have to abide by the Webvisions Acceptable Use Policy.