Webvisions Hosting FAQ's - Web Hosting

What is an webhosting plan?

Web hosting is a hosting service that allows individuals and businesses to make a website accessible to users on the internet.

Can my web pages be designed by Webvisions?

Webvisions web hosting plans come with a website builder which can be used to design and customize your web pages from more than 400 themed-templates.

If you are looking for a fully customizable web design that requires more depth and functions, you can contact our sales consultants at sales@webvisions.com.my who will be able to recommend the right partners to meet your needs.

Can I host more than 1 domain name on a web hosting plan?

Yes, Webvisions offers a range of web hosting plans that will cater to individuals or businesses. Please refer our hosting plan specification or approach our sales consultants at 1800-815-312 for advice on how best to host all your domain names.