SiteCreator 2.0 Done-For-You FAQ's

What is the difference between SiteCreator and the SiteCreator Done-for-You service?

SiteCreator is a ‘do it yourself’ website builder allowing users without HTML coding skills to build and maintain their own website. Website builder allow you to create and update your website using your web browser and then publish it to the Internet in real time, without having to install any special software.

If you don’t have the time or inclination to create your own website using SiteCreator you can select the Done-for-You service – which means our team will create the website for you using SiteCreator saving you time and producing a professional looking website for your business.

How does SiteCreator Done-for-You service work?

Once you've selected the plan that's right for you, you'll be contacted by Webvisions and you will be able to provide our staff all the information required to put together your website. You can even provide websites that you like for reference, if you choose. Subsequently a team of Design Specialists will handle all stages of putting together your website. You simply provide the site content and images, and then our Team handles everything else for your custom website.

Shortly after signing up you will receive a confirmation email. Our Design Specialist will contact you within 24-48 business hours to confirm your order and gather your requirements for your website.

Do I need to own a domain name to subscribe to a Done-for-You SiteCreator plan?

Yes. You will need to register a domain name at

What about updating my website?

Every month Webvisions provides FREE Web Builder Service to help keep your site fresh. The number of hours available each month for Web Builder Service is based on the package selected, between 30 – 60 minutes of the web editors’ time. You can change text, swap out images, whatever you need the web editors to do with the SiteCreator software.

Can I update the website myself?

Yes. Once your site is published, we make it easy for you to update your site on your own. You can log in to your account and make minor website updates on the fly, while reserving your monthly Web Builder Service hours for the more time consuming or larger effort changes to your site.

How easy is it to edit the website content?

Text on your website can be edited and moved the same way as with your favourite text editor such as Microsoft Word – including copy and paste functions. Read our FAQs here.

Do I need to provide content for my website?

Not if you don’t want to. While it’s preferable to provide information specific to their own business, club or hobby, but you also have the choice of using or customising pre-populated pages. A selection of category based ready-made websites, with content created by professional copywriters, can be published to the Internet for an instant professional looking site. Additionally you can choose to publish the website with provisional content and then add more or making changes later by yourself.

Can I add an online shop to my website?

Yes. It is recommended to chose Premium plan for your eCommerce website as 3% transaction fees applied to any non eCommerce (Premium) plan.

Can I take my website to another Web Hosting company?

No, because the SiteCreator software is installed on our servers and you need the software to create and edit your website

Can I decide when my website can go live?

Yes. When the initial build is complete, we will send you a link to the website preview so you can provide feedback and request any necessary edits. After putting the finishing touches on your website, we'll give you the opportunity for a final review to make sure it's ready to go.

Can I choose a style for my website?

Yes. Based on the information you provide about your business and website requirements, our staff will send you three samples of design styles you can choose from before the website work begins.

Will I need to purchase a hosting plan for my website?

No. SiteCreator includes web hosting and email accounts, so you won’t need to purchase additional services to launch your online business.

Will I get help to set up my email accounts?

Yes. Our usual customer service standards are available to all SiteCreator Done-for-You customers in the same way we support our domain names and email hosting customers.

How do I submit the content for my website update?

Please submit your content updates by creating a ticket in “My Account” portal at

  1. 1. Login to “My Account”, click on “Messages” tab in the top menu bar
  2. 2. Select “Create new support enquiry”
  3. 3. Under the “Queue” drop down menu and select “DOF-Webvisions”
  4. 4. Fill up the details and attach the file containing the content updates
  5. 5. Click on "Create ticket"

Our web editor will review contact you within 24-48 business hours and advise the number of hours required to perform the update. Upon your confirmation and acceptance, the content update will be executed. We will provide you with an opportunity to review the updated Website and provide us with any revision requests or approve the Website. If the Website is approved, or we receive no response from you within five (5) business days of our request, it will be published on the Internet.

Can I purchase additional web builder service hours?

Yes, the fee schedule is as follows:

Number of Hours Fee (Incl/GST)
1 RM 120
3 RM 330
5 RM 525