Security (SSL) FAQ's - Install

How do I install my SSL Certificate?

If you have purchased an SSL certificate through us for your site hosted with Webvisions, then the Webvisions team will install it for you. If you have purchased an SSL certificate from another company then just send an email through to for assistance.

Will Webvisions install the certificate for me?

Yes. If you have ordered your certificate through Webvisions and it is meant for an existing Webvisions Hosting service, you can request an automatic install from Webvisions at no additional cost.

How long does the process take once I place my order for the SSL Certificate?

Webvisions will have your initial processing completed within 48 hours of you placing the order.

*Note that the order for the top-tier SSL Extended Validation will require up to 10 days to complete.

Can I install my SSL certificate on more than 1 hosting service?

Yes, you just need to make sure you have the same key on each hosting service and the corresponding domain name is the same. Do note that there is a limitation on the number of domain names that the SSL Certificate can support.

Can you reissue my SSL certificate?

Yes, just send an email through to with the new CSR and we will get your certificate re issued at no extra charge.

I am prompted that my Certificate key is invalid, what can cause this?

This usually means that the Key on your server does not match the Key that was used to generate your certificate. The best way to fix this is to generate a new CSR on your server and ask us to re issue the certificate.