Add More Than 2 MX Records on a Domain Name

1) Log in to Webvisions WAM Panel: using your username and password.

2) Go to Services.

3) Click on “Manage” next to the domain name you want to modify.

4) Scroll down until you see “Name Server Records”, and then click “Modify”.

5) Scroll down until you see the Mail Servers (“MX” Record) section. You would notice that there are only two lines of MX records provided initially.

6) Key in the MX records that you need to fill in. When you are keying in the second MX record, another box will pop out to allow you to key in the third MX record, and so on.

7) The same behaviour will apply when you are keying in subsequent MX records, therefore virtually there’s no limit on the number of MX records you can key-in.

- End -
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