Access mailbox using WebMail (Horde)

1) Go to http://webmail.DOMAINNAME/.

Note: DOMAINNAME refers to the domain name you have specified during the submission of your email hosting plan order with us.

2) In the Welcome to Horde window, please fill in the required information. Kindly refer to the example below:

Password: **********

Once done, select the “LOGIN” button.

Note: The login details were sent to you via email during the setup of your hosting plan. If for any reason you cannot retrieve your login details, please contact

3) Once you have logged into your account, you can now proceed to send and receive e-mails.

4) If you wish to log out, please proceed to the left of the page, locate and select “Log out” option. Once you have have successfully logged out from your account, a “You have been logged out.” message prompts for your reference.

- End -
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