Delete e-mail account in Mail server control panel

1) Go to http://mail.DOMAINNAME:8443/.

Note: DOMAINNAME refers to the domain name you have specified during the submission of your email hosting plan order with us.

2) If you are prompted to a “This Connection is Untrusted” page, please select the “I Understand the Risks” option

then click the “Add Exception” button

You will then see an “Add Security Exception” window pop-up, please select the “Get Certificate” option and click the “Confirm Security Exception” button.

3) In the Parallels Panel window, please fill out the required information. Kindly refer to the example below:

Password: **********

Once done, select the “Log In” button.

Note: The login details were sent to you via e-mail upon the completion of the setup of your hosting plan. If for any reason you cannot retrieve your login details, please contact

4) You can now proceed to modify your profile in the Email Control Panel (Parallels Plesk), please select any of the following e-mail address(es) listed below.

Once you have decided which mailbox you wish to delete, click the mailbox checkbox and select the “Remove” option.

A “Remove the selected e-mail address?” pop-up window prompts then proceed to select the “Yes” button.

Note: This procedure is final and no further changes can be made.

Once you have successfully deleted the mailbox, a “Information: Selected e-mail addresses were selected.” message prompts for your reference.

5) If you wish to log out, please proceed to the top of the window, locate “Logged in as DOMAINNAME”, click on the pull-down menu and select “Log out”.

- End -
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