Setup POP3 e-mail account in Mozilla Thunderbird Mail Client

1. Open the "Mozilla Thunderbird" application.

2. In the Mozilla Thunderbird window, locate and select the "Create a new account" option.

3. In the Mozilla Thunderbird | Mail Account Setup window, please fill in the required information. Kindly refer to the example below:

Your Name: Webvisions
Email Address:
Password: **********
Display name for your sent messages: Webvisions

Once done, select the "Continue" button.

Note: Make sure to select the "Remember this password" checkbox.

4. In the Mozilla Thunderbird | Account Settings window, please select the "Server Settings" option. Kindly ensure you have configured the settings to the following below.

Server Type: POP Mail Server
Server Name:
Port: 110
User Name:

Once done, select the "Outgoing Server (SMTP)" option.

5. In the Account Settings | Outgoing Server (SMTP) Settings window, kindly ensure you have configured the settings to the following:

Server Name:
Port: 587
User Name:
Authentication method: Password, transmitted insecurely
Connection Security: None

Once done, select the "OK" option.

6. You can now start using your Webvisions' email hosting services using your Mozilla Thunderbird application. Cheers!

- End -
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