Google Analytics is a service offered by Google that generates detailed statistics about a website's traffic and traffic sources and measures conversions and sales. You can connect your Google Analytics to your eShop store and thus receive statistics on your store activity as well.
How to set up Google Analytics in eShop
1) Register a new GA account if you don't have one.
2) Add your site.
3) Get your Web property ID. How to do it:
4) Enter this ID on the eShop Control Panel → System Settings →  General → Store Profile Page, "Google Analytics ID" option. Save the changes
5) Then please enable the "Ecommerce tracking" option in your GA settings. Please refer to these help articles for details: and
Important note: you don't need to modify the tracking code to enable this feature, you should just enable it in the Google Analytics backend.
Why is it necessary to set up GA in eShop even if I already have a GA code on my site?
All eShop product pages are dynamic and generated on the fly. A page isn't refreshed, eShop just updates the HTML code on the page. It allows loading new pages really fast.
The traditional way to track pages is to add some JS code to the page code which is executed each time you load a page and tracks your hit. If you try to use this traditional way with eShop, you will see that your browser will load your page just ONCE and all the other clicks in your store won't cause page reloading, and the result doesn't generate a hit. So your customer will open your store and see 100 products, but the stats will show only 1 view.
In order to overcome this limitation, we use Google Analytics API to emulate page loads. When you open a dynamic eShop product page, eShop sends a special JS request to Google Analytics saying that a new product page was opened. This way allows getting the exact number of views of your AJAX pages. That is why it's necessary to set up GA in your eShop back-end to get the exact stats.