Access VPS Control Panel (Parallels Plesk)

1) Go to https://IPADDRESS:8443/.

Note: IPADDRESS refers to the IP Address designated to your Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting plan with Webvisions. Kindly refer to the e-mail notification we sent to you upon the completion of the setup of your hosting plan.

2) If you are prompted to a “This Connection is Untrusted” page, please select the “I Understand the Risks” option

then click the “Add Exception” button

You will then see an “Add Security Exception” window pop-up, please select the “Get Certificate” option and click the “Confirm Security Exception” button.

3) In the Parallels Panel window, please fill in the required information. Kindly refer to the example below:

Username: admin
Password: **********

Once done, select the “Log In” button.

Note: The login details were sent to you via e-mail upon the completion of the setup of your hosting plan. If for any reason you cannot retrieve your login details, please contact

4) Once in the VPS Control Panel (Parallels Plesk) window, you can see "Home", "Resellers", "Clients", "Domains", "Applications" and "Settings" sub-menus. Also you can see the overview of the following categories:

  • Account (Change Password, Interface Preferences and Personal Data)
  • Accounts (Client Accounts, Client Account Templates, Reseller Accounts and Reseller Account Templates)
  • Applications & Services (ASP.NET Settings, IIS Application Pool, Products from Parallels Partners and Tools from MyPlesk.Com)
  • Domains (Domains, Domain Templates and Virtual Host Template)
  • Help & Support (License Management, Help, Migration Manager, Support, Updates and What's New)
  • Interface (Control Panel Branding, Custom Buttons, Languages, Skins)
  • Logs & Statistics (Action Log, Event Manager, Notifications and Resource Usage)
  • Security (Active Sessions, Control Panel Acccess and Session Idle Time)
  • Server (Backup Manager, Database Serers, DNS Settings, Download SmarterMail, IP Addresses, Mail Server Settings, Scheduled Tasks, Server Components and Services Management)

5) If you wish to log out, please proceed to the top of the window, locate and select the “Log out” option. You will then see an “Are you sure you want to log out?” window pop-up, please click the “OK” button.


- End -
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