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Domain Registrar Transfer to Webvisions Policy

Webvisions is pleased to inform you that there is NO TRANSFER FEE if you wish to transfer your domain name to us.

To transfer a domain name registration (hosting) from another Registrar to Webvisions, the customer (Registrant) is required to submit the following:

1) Ensure the domain name is on “ACTIVE” status. Otherwise, if it is on “EXPIRED” status, we are unable to process the Domain Registrar Transfer request and advise the customer (Registrant) to renew their domain name with their current Registrar.

2) Request from the current Registrar to unlock the domain name and release the domain transfer password (also known as Auth Code, EPP or UDAI).

3) Renew the domain name at a minimum of 1 year with Webvisions.

Note: The only exception is .AU and .UK domain name extensions.

4) Submit your Domain Registrar Transfer request at

5) Webvisions shall send you an email notification of the status of your request.

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