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Expressions of Interest and Pre-Registration Terms and Conditions

Expressions of interest:

The expression of interest for the new generic top-level domain is provided for information purposes only to assist users in obtaining information about or related to potential new generic top-level domains (“gTLDs”). By submitting your expression of interest using this form, you expressly agree that:- (i) we may send you emails regarding new gTLDs; (ii) you are not automatically obtaining any pre-registration rights, registration rights, or any other rights in any domain name; (iii) we make no guarantee that the Internet Corporation For Assigned Names and Numbers will approve any new gTLD application; (iv) we make no guarantee that any domain name will be available for registration either through us or any third party; and (v) we make no guarantee as to the content, sequence, accuracy, timeliness or completeness of the information or data we provide.


  1. Webvisions will use all all reasonable efforts to monitor any Domain Name or Domain Names that you have expressed an interest in obtaining in connection with the Service to determine if such Domain Name becomes Available for general registration. However, nothing in these Terms shall constitute an express or implied guarantee or warranty:
    • that any Domain Name will become Available; or
    • that Webvisions will successfully identify that a Domain Name has become Available; or
    • as to the accuracy, reliability, completeness or content of the Service, any information services or merchandise contained in or provided through the Service, or, for the avoidance of doubt, any information provided by Webvisions in any advice, report or communication to you or any other party;
    • that the Service will be uninterrupted, error-free or not subject to delays (technical or otherwise);
    • that you will be successful in obtaining any Domain Name, for whatever reason (including, without limitation, because you are not the successful bidder in any auction during a landrush period (if applicable), or because another person registers interest in the Domain Name via the Service and is successful in obtaining that Domain Name); or
    • that you will meet the eligibility requirements in connection with the registration or purchase of the Domain Name (as the context requires).
  2. Webvisions shall make efforts to take measures in order not to store or inspect the e-mail messages that are not designated as spam but it shall not be liable for any failure in this regard. If necessary for technical reasons or for the improvement of the software and/or the Services Webvisions shall be entitled to inspect the e-mail messages or to use them. The contents shall be treated confidentially.
  3. The Customer declares that Webvisions shall not be liable for any loss or any damage that the Customer may suffer as a result of the non-availability, incorrectness or incompleteness of the Software and/or Services.
  4. if a Domain Name becomes Available, Webvisions will contact you on a first-come, first served basis for the purposes of providing you with an opportunity to obtain the Domain Name and informing you of the price and the terms and conditions that apply to you obtaining the Domain Name (including, if applicable, any Domain Name Sale Documentation). You acknowledge that as there may be interest from additional parties in a Domain Name, there will be no guarantee that you will be have an opportunity to obtain a Domain Name even if it does become Available.
  5. A non-refundable administration fee of $5 is applicable to all pre-registration applications. Should the registration be successful the administration fee is deductible from the price of the domain name registration.
  6. Cancellation of Service may in its sole discretion, without liability to you, cancel the Service with respect to any Domain Name, or cancel the Service generally, by notice to you. Webvisions may cancel the Service with respect to any Domain Name, or, the Service generally, either before or after any Domain Name becomes Available (if applicable), for any reason (which may include, without limitation, where you engage in any Prohibited Conduct, where there are intellectual property rights that may be infringed in connection with the Domain Name, if there are any disputes raised in relation to the name, or, Webvisions otherwise becomes obliged to transfer the Domain Name to a third party).


Limitation of Liability and Indemnity all fall part of the standard terms and conditions

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